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Analytical Chromatography (HPLC)

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The Symbiosis™ Pico System offers all the basic advantages of online SPE (solid-phase extraction) like higher assay sensitivity, analysis of small sample injection volumes, no manual labor and lower costs of analysis while reducing method development time. It combines fully automated sample preparation with automated high-end HPLC. The system allows for parallel processing of automated sample preparation, analysis of up to 192 samples, and up to 6 selectable LC columns. More info

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The Symbiosis™ Pro system offers a unique solution for integrated online SPE-LC-MS automation (XLC-MS), which combines sample extraction and LC separation in one system. XLC-MS (eXtraction Liquid Chromatography) permits direct injection of raw biological samples such as plasma, serum or urine without prior filtration, centrifugation or protein precipitation. The system allows for parallel processing of automated sample preparation and analysis of up to 9'216 samples. More info

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Flow rate: 0.001 - 5.00 ml/min
Max. pressure: 1'240 bar (18'000 psi)
High pressure gradient

The SPH1240™ UHPLC ultra high pressure pump enables the use of longer columns, higher flow rates and smaller particles. The optimum combination of these parameters may vary largely with the requirements of your assay. More info

Spark Holland BV
Temperature range: 5 - 90 °C
Capacity: up to 6 columns simultaneously
Integrated solvent preheater
Temperature gradient programming

Chromatographic separation is very temperature dependent. Thus, the MISTRAL™ with its forced air oven, excellent temperature control and integrated solvent pre-heater helps to optimize HPLC or UHPLC assays by varying the temperature to tune selectivity, improve peak shape, reduce analysis time and column back pressure for higher solvent flow rates or smaller particles. More info