Mechanical Mills

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
Büchi's highspeed mixer B-400 is designed for efficient homogenization of food and feed samples with the required analytical fineness. It allows for contaminant-free grinding using an inert ceramic knife, and microbiological testing using autoclavable materials. The mixer grinds samples even with high contents of water, fat or fiber and is resistant to low temperatures in case of frozen samples. More information

Attainable particle sizes: < 40µm (depending on product)
Funnel volume: 300 ml
Sieve kernel sizes: 1 / 5 of sieve diameter is the approximately attainable kernel size e.g. sieve 0.2 mm / 5 = 0.04 mm (40µm)
Grinding attachment variants:
- Hammering / cutting from hardened stainless steel
- Hammer attachment: brittle samples
- Cutting attachment: stringy, fibrous samples

This laboratory hammer / blade grinding mill is characterized by a very robust design using solid milled parts and hardened components. It is designed for high wear and tear occurring in processes, such as grinding of stones, which can have a hardness of up to 6 on the Mohs scale.

The easy change of grinding attachments and sieves extend the range of any samples that can be processed. The POLIMIX® hammer / blade grinding mill convinces with its simple handling, high user safety and efficient grinding results. More information