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Multichannel Microplate Dispensers

INTEGRA provides innovative solutions for Liquid Handling and Media Preparation applications which serve the customer needs in research, diagnostics and quality control laboratories. INTEGRA offers the widest range of microplate dispensers and multichannel reagent reservoirs in the market spanning a range from single channel pipettes up to 384 channel bench-top instruments.

INTEGRA Biosciences AG
Transfer of 96 and 384 samples in one step
96 and 384 channel heads
Compatible with GripTip system

Handheld microplate processing enables transfers from 96 up to 384 samples in a single step, thus increasing pipetting throughput and reproducibility significantly. At a fraction of the cost, microplate dispensers often surpass throughput capabilities of even expensive robots.

VIAFLO 96 is an electronic, handheld 96 channel pipette designed to fit on any lab bench. VIAFLO 384 is an enhanced version of the VIAFLO 96. It offers the same intuitive operation and compact design, but allows working with both 96 and 384 channel heads for an even higher productivity. More information

INTEGRA Biosciences AG
The VIAFILL offers a choice of 8 and 16 channel dispensing cassettes. These cassettes allow for accurate and rapid reagent addition between 0.5µL and 10mL into 6 up to 1'536 well plates. It also features a touch screen user interface for easy programming of repeat dispenses and variable volume dispenses.

Common applications are Screening Assays, Cell Based Assays, ELISAs, Kinetic Assays, Genomic and Proteomic Studies. More information

INTEGRA Biosciences AG
Adapter range: 1 to 8 channels (40 - 280 mm)
All waste collection bottles (up to 4 litres) are autoclavable.

VACUSAFE is a compact laboratory aspiration system providing a safe and efficient way to collect and contain biological liquid waste. Protecting the vacuum source from contamination by liquids and aerosols with an overflow trap and a filter is important when working with biological, chemical or radioactive liquids.

Common applications:
- Removal of media from cell cultures
- Removal of supernatants after centrifugation
- Removal of wash solutions from immunoassay well-plates More information

INTEGRA Biosciences AG
Range: 96 well and 384 well reagent reservoirs
Volume: 150 ml and 300 ml

INTEGRA reagent reservoirs allow for maximum liquid recovery when working with VIAFLO 96, VIAFLO 384 and other multichannel pipetting systems. They are also economically and environmentally friendly because users can reuse the reservoir base and dispose of the reservoir inserts. The microplate format makes them ideal for all automated liquid handling systems using the clearly defined footprint of the Society for Biomolecular Sciences (SBS).

Two types of automation friendly reagent reservoirs are available:
150 ml and 300 ml Clear Advantage™ reagent reservoirs which are made of both crystal clear virgin polystyrene and polypropylene. Both options fit into a reusable automation friendly base with bold, crisp, clearly visible graduation markings.

The 300 ml open well, 12 column and 8 row polypropylene reservoir blocks offer improved chemical compatibility. More information

INTEGRA Biosciences AG
Sterile reservoirs
Volume: 10, 25, and 100 ml
For 8, 12 and 16 channel pipettes

INTEGRA reservoirs are made of crystal clear polystyrene or polypropylene for improved chemical compatibility. They fit into a reusable base with bold, clearly visible graduation markings. The unique design leads to more accurate reagent measurements, no over pouring, and less waste. Moreover, these multichannel pipette reservoirs can easily be stacked together which reduces inventory space requirements.

Also, divided reagent reservoirs are available. The 25 ml divided reservoirs offer the lowest dead volumes for multichannel pipetting, with 5 and 10 ml compartments, to allow you to work with smaller reagent volumes. INTEGRA’s unique SureFlo™ array prevents liquid pooling and spreads reagents evenly across the base of the reservoir, allowing tips to sit on the bottom without aspirating air. This further reduces dead volumes, saves you money on reagents and retains more precious samples! More information