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Fume Hoods & Clean Rooms

Cleanrooms, fume cupboards and laminar flow chambers are facilities designed for conducting research or manufacturing products that require extremely clean environments. Typically, they employ a broad range of techniques to prevent air particles, bacteria, and other contaminants from entering the workspace, often by means of employee dress code and washing, pass-through lockers and chambers, and intensive detail to cleaning.
In a laboratory, fume cupboards are essential for protecting members of staff while using toxic chemicals. Different sizes of ducted and filtration fume cabinets with the purpose of safety for the end user are available.

Monmouth Scientific
The Circulaire® Filtration Fume Cupboard solutions feature the very latest in recirculating air filtration technology. Monmouth air filtration system utilises Ultra-deep Activated Carbon filters to guarantee maximum fume filtration efficiency and/or HEPA filters for particulate removal. The filters are 30% larger than other cabinets and significantly deeper, making fume removal and air purification more efficient, effective and safe.

During manufacture all aspects of the fume cabinet, from the electronics through to the metalwork, are meticulously checked and monitored to ensure optimal operation, safety and compliance with COSHH regulations and international standards, including BS7989:2001 (Filtration Fume/Particulate cupboards). The units also use an average of just 100 watts of power, ensuring extremely low energy costs.

The CT range is fitted with the Visionaire® (7″ on CT-PRO 4.3” on CT) full colour touch screen control system that allows the highest level of control and monitoring. More information

Monmouth Scientific
The Ductaire® range of Ducted Fume Cupboards caters for all budgets and applications.

The Ductaire® Series has been designed with the end-user in mind and can be installed into virtually any laboratory. The cupboards are supplied fully assembled, and are manufactured from either welded Epoxy Coated Steel or Polypropylene which make them resistant to most chemicals – including Acids, Solvents, Ammonia, Chlorides, Amines and many more.

The Ductaire® TITAN and Ductaire® PRO models offer options and features such as motorised sash, PIR Sensor operation, VAV safety and control and motorised dampers. The worksurfaces can be manufactured from Epoxy Resin, Polypropylene, Ceramic or Stainless Steel.

Thanks to their robust design and quality fabrication, the systems guarantee years of uninterrupted use. More information

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The Circulaire® Laminar Flow Cabinets offer clean air to ISO Class 4 using U15 ULPA particulate filters for the very best in product protection.

Cabinets are fitted with the latest digital fans to ensure low noise and low energy consumption. Efficiency is improved further with the use of internal LED lighting and PIR movement sensors to shut off all non-essential electronic items when the cabinet senses a period of inactivity.

Monmouth Scientific offers a range of Laminar Flow Cabinets which are available in four standard widths, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. We are also proud to offer a custom design service for bespoke requirements. As standard, the cabinets conform fully to BS EN ISO 14644 & BS EN 1822.

The range is fitted with the new Visionaire® 4.3” (11cm) full colour touch screen control system that allows control and monitoring never before seen in a cabinet of this type. More information

Monmouth Scientific
Monmouth offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of cleanrooms available on the market. Four very different and distinct types of cleanrooms are available; Smaller Modular, Larger Modular, Mobile and Flexible Wall. Each type has its own distinctive characteristics and benefits. All four types can be installed in a matter of days into either a new build or existing area.

Monmouth can offer full turnkey cleanroom constructions to cover every aspect of the room – including electrics and validation/certification as well as partial installation to whatever level of cleanliness is required by the customer.

A mobile cleanroom from Monmouth Scientific has the same features as a conventional cleanroom, but is ideal for organisations where space is running at a premium. Mobile rooms offer a convenient option for your business or organisation, allowing you to have the room simply fixed into its location, avoiding disruption by lifting it by crane onto site. More information